Univ Forum 2016: The Family Impact

The impact of the family on society is increasingly needed more than ever. In a time of economic crisis, political storms, broken hearts and disoriented minds, the family stands out more and more as the basis of the common good. We live in society divided by politics and ideologies. Some people insist on seeing the world as a place full of rivals, competitors and enemies (imaginary or real). We forget that we are part of a society, that we navigate in the same boat and that we are all going to the same port. When each person seeks only his own interest, relationships end up becoming complicated and the future darkens. The need, therefore, to overcome self-interest in the family becomes evident since it is the great school of social life.

Families bring forgiveness and compassion. In them, each member is loved as he is and not only for his appearance nor for the social success that he may achieve. In them, the concept of mass is meaningless. Thus, the Christian family teaches society the infinite value of a person, created in God's image. In the family, children, youth, adults and the aged, people with disabilities, women and men, coexist harmoniously. Therefore, it is also a school of diversity.

A family policy is a real social policy. The effects of population aging will worsen in the coming years, making evident the need to support motherhood and fertility. Without families that take care of young and old who live in solitude and ailments, societies are no longer sustainable.

The family is key in all the great stories and human works. Their presence in the great books as well as film and television stories, reflect its importance in the happiness we seek. Therefore, the social value of the family demands narratives worthy of its dignity. Personal and professional growth involves discovering and serving others, leaving behind isolation and selfishness. The family the fundamental place where a person grow and mature while being genuinely concerned for these around him, conscious that, in all stages of life, living for others makes us better persons.

The Univ Forum 2016 aims to provide a profound reflection on the importance of family, considering that it is not just the basic unit of society: actually, it is the foundation and model of all social life. Societies ought to become each day more alike to families –places of encounter and solidarity that have learned to overcome individualism as a way to solve problems. 

This year’s Univ Forum theme is

The Family Impact

Rome, March 20th – 27th 2016