Forum of Social Initiatives

The Univ Forum has among its central themes the one of solidarity, this is because the intellectual and cultural work of the university cannot be kept closed in itself, but must be put at the service of others, particularly the poorest, the disadvantaged, and those facing difficult situations.


With this constant effort to look around, without closing up in a small group, young people take on the challenge of giving themselves generously to find solutions and help solve the problems of people, with the constant desire to promote the dignity of each human person.


In this line, one of the activities that takes place in the Univ Forum is the Forum of Social Initiatives (FSI). The objective of the FSI is to support, foster and promote social service initiatives among young people around the world.


In its roman phase, the Forum aims to unite the protagonists of the different social projects carried out during the year so that they can exchange their experiences and perspectives. In this way, it hopes to spread the noble ideas and values of socially committed and active youth.





The social initiatives will be presented in a video format. The videos will have a maximum length of 1 minute and, in this way, the subsequent dissemination of the projects will be facilitated.


In Rome, the afternoon of Holy Tuesday will be dedicated to the presentation of various social initiatives. The Forum will expose all the projects presented. Each exposition will have a maximum time of 5 minutes, which includes the projection of the video. The objective of the exposition is to contextualize the video and help its best judgment by the jury.


At the end of the presentation of the projects, while the jury deliberates the winner, there will be a brief training session on communication of social projects. All participants will be required to remain in the classroom from the beginning to the end of all the expositions.


An international jury will evaluate the projects and will award a single cash prize of € 1,500 for the best social initiative.


The Jury will fundamentally value two aspects: the social initiative and the way of communicating it through video.


With regard to the social initiative, the criteria are:


INNOVATIVE: that addresses a social problem in a creative way. That it is innovative in terms of approach or implementation.


STABLE: that the action can last through time. Once the implementation period has ended, the initiative has to be able to generate the necessary economic, social and political support to continue. That it has possibilities of continuity in the future.


YOUTH PARTICIPATION: that there are a large number of young people who are actively involved in the project.


PARTICIPATION OF SOCIAL AGENTS: understanding by a social agent, a school, NGOs, town halls, associations, parishes, etc.


EFFECTIVENESS ACCORDING TO RESOURCES EMPLOYED: optimum use of resources. Getting the best result using the lowest cost.



How to participate?


-   The registration is free. 


-   The registration of initiatives has to be done before the 1st April 2017.


-   Languages accepted: english, italian and spanish. 


-   The formats for all the participating videos have to be any of the following: MP4, M4V, MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV.


-   Fill out the Registration Form and send it to the coordinator of the activity (Arturo Navarro:


-   For more information, download the Guidelines or contact con the coordinador of the activity (