Pope's Letter to Young People

"I am pleased to announce that in October 2018 a Synod of Bishops will take place to treat the topic: “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” I wanted you to be the centre of attention, because you are in my heart."

Reframing Pope Francis

In John Paul II, the Church had a strikingly original philosopher; in Benedict XVI, one of the world’s finest theologians; and in Francis, a distinguished spiritual director. Instead of contesting traditional Catholic notions, Francis assumes them.

A real-life IVF dilemma in Hollywood

Vergara is the highest-paid actress in American television. Loeb is New York "royalty". Vergara, who is Catholic, refuses to allow the embryos to be brought to term with a surrogate mother; Loeb, who is not, insists that they have a right to life.