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Academic activities

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10.45 - 12.45  Beginning of competitions and academic activities:


13.15 - 15.15  Lunch

15.30 - 16.30 Workshops 

 SPANISH  Luis Felipe Martí Borbolla  Tipos de Responsabilidad Social y sus Círculos Concéntricos 

Luis Felipe Martí Borbolla is graduate in Law by the Panamericana University and PhD in Constitutional Law by Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He is a specialist in History of Political Ideas by Queen´s College, University of Oxford.

He is currently Professor of State Theory and Political Science at the Law School of the Panamericana University. He is specialist in Political Strategy by the London School of Economics. Also he teaches at IPADE, Mexico. 

He is professor in many international universities and author of several publications, for example: La reivindicación de la Soberanía en la Globalización (Editorial Porrúa) and Estado, Política y Empresa (Editorial Porrúa). He has writen plenty of articles in national and international journals.


 SPANISH  Luis Gutiérrez Rojas  Claves de la madurez en los universitarios. ¿Quién soy? La importancia de conocerse bien 

Luis Gutiérrez Rojas (Granada, 1977) is graduate in Medicine and Surgery by the University of Navarra (2001) and PhD with Special Award by the University of Granada (2008). He is currently part of the research group in Psychiatry and Neurosciences linked to the Research Centre in Biomedicine in association with the University of Granada and directed by Dr Gurpegui.

Among the distinctions he has received it is worth mentioning the Research Prize of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Murcia (2001), the Prize for Young Researchers of the Andalusian Society of Psychiatry (2003), the Third Prize of Research in the ADHES meeting (2010) and the Emerging Research Prize of the SEP (2011).


 ENGLISH  Ricardo Calleja  Technology and Responsibility: challenges for individuals, business and politics 

Prof. Calleja holds a PhD in Legal and Political Philosophy from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he graduated in Law. In addition, he has been Postdoctoral Research Fellow at IESE and visiting scholar at the Busch School of Business (Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.) and the Mendoza College of Business (University of Notre Dame, Indiana). He has done three consecutive years of summer research at the NYU School of Law (New York).

Prof. Calleja has been an associate professor at the Centro Universitario Villanueva, and has taught ethics and other subjects in social philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College en la Universidad de Montevideo and UNIS (Guatemala), among others.

Currently his research is focused on the development of political wisdom in business organizations and the contribution of business firms to the common good from a philosophical perspective. He is also studying on the moral and social aspects related to the technological incursion and the development of non-commercial strategies for the interaction of the firms in the sociopolitical settings. He has recently published in scientific publications, such as, Philosophy of Management, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Journal of Management Development and Revista de Estudios Políticos.


 ENGLISH  Francisco Iniesta  Workshop for Case Competition participants: solution 

Prof. Iniesta is professor in the Marketing Department in IESE-Universidad de Navarra. His areas of specialization include marketing channel management and franchising, new product development and introduction, marketing research and organizing and controlling the marketing effort. His areas of interest include: 

* Marketing channels management and franchising
* New product development and introduction. Marketing research
* Organizing and controlling the marketing effort


 SPANISH  José Luis Pérez Halcón  Cómo funciona una Oficina de Arquitectura e Ingeniería (7 casos reales) 


José Luis Pérez Halcón (Seville, 1977) is an Architect by Universidad de Sevilla. He is co-founder and CEO, with Paco Santisteban, of T10 Architecture and Engineering for Dreamers Studio. More than 30 Architecture and Engineering professionals are currently working in it. They've built hotels, hospitals, health centres, water and theme parks, luxury residences, maritime terminals, urban planning procedures, refurbishments... They work professionally in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, France... They have collaborated with architecture teams from Canada, Holland, Turkey, France, Scotland... Throughout their professional career they've won competitions and received several awards and recognitions. They defend that Architecture is at the service of the Activity for which it is designed, not for the elevation of its authors. They believe in collaborative work and in the BIM methodology for a better control of the design and its costs.  

 ITALIAN  Giorgio Faro  Piacere, dovere e amore nella ricerca della felicità 

Giorgio Faro, professor of Applied Ethics (family, work, politics) and Philosophy of Work (Ontology, Deontology and History of Work) at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. He has published the following books: "Il lavoro nella concezione del Beato Josemaria", Agrilavoro, Rome 2000; "La filosofia del lavoro e i suoi sentieri", Edusc 2014. He has also published several articles and preface on Thomas More (Ethics and Politics).



16.45 - 17.40 - Closing Keynote Address

(English, with simultaneous translation to Spanish and Italian)

 ENGLISH  Kevin Majeres & Sharif Younes  Discovering the joy of optimal work 

Kevin Majeres. Born and raised in Minnesota, Dr. Majeres completed his medical degree and psychiatry residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. After this he completed a fellowship with the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and Research in Philadelphia, and became a member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. 

For the past seven years Dr. Majeres has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, where he is responsible for training psychiatry residents in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and he maintains a private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is also a co-founder of the site


Sharif Younes is co-founder of OptimalWork, a startup that aims to help people to work in the best possible way. Previously, he worked as a software engineer and data scientist at several technology startups in the Boston area, most recently at Localytics. Sharif got his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Bowdoin College in 2013.


17.45 - 18.30 - Closing Ceremony

Awards and presentation of Univ Forum 2020.