Past Univ Forum




2018 Rethinking the future
2017 A World in Movement
2016 The Family Impact
2015 Friendship: model for a New Citizenship
2014 Cosmos The Ecology of the Person and his enviroment
2013 Reality Check: Discovering Human Identity in a Digital World
2012 Pulchrum: The Power of Beauty
2011 Living Freedom Decisively
2010 Can Christianity Inspire a Global Culture?
2009 Universitas, Knowledge without limits
2008 Being, Appearing, and Communicating: Entertainment and Happiness in a Multi-Medial Society
2007 Being, Appearing and Communicating:Lifestyles and Role Models in Film and Television
2006 Projecting Culture: the Language of the Media
2005 Projecting Culture: The Language of Music
2004 Projecting Culture: The Language of Advertising
2003 Constructing Peace in the 21st Century
2002 Study, Work, Service
2001 The Human Face in a Global World
2000 The Image of Man 2000 Years On
1999 Solidarity and Citizenship: Challenges for the University of the New Century
1998 Human Progress and Human Rights
1997 Multi-Cultural Society: Competition and Cooperation
1996 Communication: learning to live
1995 Work: Inventing the Future
1994 Family and Development
1993 Suffering and happiness
1992 A Possible Peace, A Challenge for the University
1991 The Discovery of a New World
1990 Creativity in the 90's
1989 Revolution, Dignity, Solidarity
1988 Dignity and Progress
1987 Global civilization and human culture
1986 The Cultural Foundations of a Project for Peace
1985 Today’s Youth and the Society of the Future
1984 The social value of professional work
1983 Study as Work
1982 Quality in Study, Quality in Life
1981 Science and sense of man
1980 The End of Man and the Future of the University
1979 Towards a Humane City
1978 Man in urban culture
1977 The Foundation of the Future
1976 In Spite of Everything, Europeans
1975 Cultural limits of the technological civilization
1974 Ideologies and Culture in the European University
1973 Conformity or Creativity: A Dilema for the University
1972 Responsibility for the university in a society in crisis
1971 Student-Professor Relations in European Universities
1970 The Democratization of the University
1969 Self-government of the university
1968 University Autonomy and Society