Forum activities


Study, reflection, dialogue, inquiry and debate: all these activities are at the heart of university life.

One of the challenges for any university – in addition to providing adequate technical formation in the various disciplines – is to help students develop solid habits of intellectual rigor, rendering them capable of facing the great questions of life, of scientific and cultural progress, religion, economy and many other areas.

By various kinds of work session – seminars, case competitions, social projects, film contests, etc. – Univ Forum constitutes a flexible platform for fostering the creativity and initiative of professors and students coming from cultures rich in diversity.



The Communications (presentations) are one of the many activities held on the day of the Forum. They consist in a dialogue about the principle issues affecting the person and society of our time. The Presentation ought to be submitted in writing and then presented orally (in 10-12 minutes) in Rome on the day of the Forum.



Continuing a long-standing university tradition throughout the world, Rome Forum provides an opportunity to participate in the University Debate Competition. Debating is a great way to search for the truth through dialogue.


Social Initiatives

In its roman phase, the Forum aims to unite the protagonists of the different social projects carried out during the year so that they can exchange their experiences and perspectives. In this way, it hopes to spread the noble ideas and values of socially committed and active youth.



The Univ of the Arts is a section of the Forum designed especially for students of artistic disciplines (Schools or Faculties of Fine Arts, Conservatories of Music, Schools of Dramatic Art, etc.), so they can present their works. In addition, it is open to students of other degrees who have created quality works of art.



It is a virtual space in which university students from all over the world contribute, in a constructive, innovative and artistic manner, their perspectives on relevant issues that affect society.


Case Competition

The Case Competition is a team competition which follows the format of the HBS-IESE business case. The problem which the participants are presented leads them to take on a global outlook and to act strategically in order to produce a competitive solution.