Univ Forum 2018: Rethinking the future

In May 1968, young people all over the world experienced the so-called Revolution of Desire. Young people sought fulfillment, enticed by ideologies that told them to let their desires run free and denied any validity to arguments based on divine law, natural law, metaphysical concepts, or even empirical observation. The barriers erected by prejudice, taboo and tradition had to be brought down in order to achieve liberation: the time had come to reject all forms of repression and just be oneself. 

After 50 years of this revolution, can we really say that young people today are seeking the greater good? Have all forms of repression been vanquished and are young people finally free and fulfilled? Can we conclude that the society that we are building and that we live in enables us to satisfy all our longings for love, hope and fulfillment?

Rethinking the future means organizing the world in such a way that great desires and aspirations are authentic and original at their very foundations. The future will belong to young people if our quest for originality does not disavow our origins. By tapping into our originality, we can build the world we long for together.