A world in movement

Our video is a short film presenting the movement of the world – movement, here, referring to the religious, technological, political, legal, athletic, motions ongoing throughout the world – in the eyes of a city jogger.

The jogger makes his way through the city of Toronto, Canada. As he jogs through the city, he observes various institutions, landmarks, edifices, etc.. that, while appearing to be static, in some way reflect a more profound movement than meets the eye.

Throughout the video, the jogger, after catching site of these various landmarks, edifices etc.., uses his imagination – our video implies – to peer into the deeper movement surrounding the realities that he observes around the city.
The movie involves various cuts back and forth between the jogger, the landmark and its associated movement.

Miembros del grupo:

  • Felipe Llano
  • Eduardo Chavez

Asesor: Anthony Schratz

Ernescliff College, Toronto (Canadá)