Style norms

Citing sources is a fundamental feature of academic work. There are many ways to do this and each culture has its own traditions on how to do this. Nevertheless, a universal rule of thumb is clarity (provide sufficient information) and consistency (always follow the same style or method of citation).

The rules of style include a system of citations and references as well as rules about form. For the UNIV Forum, the appropriate style norms are the following:

1. Please submit your paper both as a “.pdf” file and as a “.docx”, “.doc” or “.rtf” file.

2. Length: 2,500-7,000 words (6-12 pages).

3. Each paper should contain the following sections:

a) Cover: Title; Author’s Name; University; Advisor’s Name and University.

b) Abstract (summary; 5-10 lines): both in English and in the language in which you write your paper.

c) Introduction: State the subject matter and objectives of the paper, and the methodology used (the application form also asks for this information).

d) Body of the paper.

e) Conclusion.

f) Bibliography.

4. Formatting:

a) Text: use size 12 Arial or Times New Roman. Footnotes: use size 10 Arial or Times New Roman.

b) Line spacing: 1 (single-spaced).

c) Include page numbers on the bottom right of each page.

d) Do not use any page headings or logos.

5. Citations and References

a) Insert a footnote after a quotation or reference to someone else’s work or ideas, using the following formats:
- Books: Llano, Alejandro, Repensar la Universidad. La universidad ante lo nuevo, Eiunsa, Barcelona, 2003.
- Book chapters: Villey, Michel, “Pour un authentique droit naturel”, en Villey, Michel, La formation de la pensée juridique moderne, PUF, Paris, 2006, pp. 372-374.
- Articles: Stocken, Frederick, “Music as a Christian Art”, in Second Spring, 5 (2004), pp. 55-59.
- Articles on the Internet: Xiabo, Lui, “The Human Desire for Freedom”, en URL = , last visited on 12/14/2010.
- Blogs: Mead, Walter Russell, “Back To School”, in Mead’s Blog - The American Interest, published on August 31, 2010, URL = .
- Websites: “UNIV Forum”, URL = , last visited on 12/14/2010.

b) Bibliography: list all the materials used in the writing of your paper, using the same format as the footnotes.

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