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General questions about happiness

• What is the definition of happiness?
• What is a happy life and what does it consist of?
• Is it an easy or difficult life?
• Why is it inseparable from truth?
• Is it an end or a means?
• Does my past or my personal history condition it?
• Is it something that happens to us or something that we create?
• Can we choose to be happy? Can I restart and build from now on a happy life?
• Are we all called to be happy?
• What is the relationship between happiness and faith?
• What is the difference between natural and supernatural happiness?


• How does happiness differ from well-being?
• Can we choose our state of well-being?
• Why do pleasure, wealth and power not satisfy people?
• Is poverty necessarily a cause of unhappiness? How can one help the sick to be happy?
• Are societies with higher economic well-being necessarily the happiest?

• What is the role of sport in human flourishing?
• Is competition a necessary element of sport?
• Does the good life include many or few hobbies?
• How should one fill times of rest?

• Is it possible to make others happy?
• Is giving oneself to others and thinking about them compatible with or opposed to one's own happiness?
• How are individual and social happiness related?
• To what extent do we depend on things or other people?
• Do I become happy through or in spite of others?
• Is online friendship possible?
• To what extent is true friendship necessary for a successful life?
• What are the requirements for happiness in the family?
• Why are large families usually joyful?
• Is happiness possible in youth?
• How to live courtship well?

• What is the relationship between virtues and happiness?
• Is it possible to be happy without virtues? Are virtues enough in themselves?
• Why is it worthwhile to follow one's conscience even when it is difficult?
• What if I am looking for happiness but not seeking it where it is really found?
• What is the role of freedom, intellect and emotions in a well-lived life?
• Does knowing give us happiness and security?
• Is making good use of one's time a source of happiness?

• How do comfort and security fit into happiness?
• Is chronic mental or physical pain compatible with it?
• How do I find it in the face of situations that hurt me and are beyond my reach (e.g., the pain of others)?
• How do I understand the difficulties that arise as part of my being a person in the world?
• How do I cope well with difficulties in my personal, family, social, professional, and civic encounters?

• What is the relationship between happiness and physical health, mental health, stress, etc.?
• Can people with disabilities be happy?

• How does one promote happiness in relation to private property and public property?
• Do we best achieve social harmony by reward or punishment?
• Criminal law: punish to make the guilty happy?
• How can we help marginalized communities (elderly, sick, poor, slaves, immigrants, etc.)?
• Is war compatible with happiness?
• Is politics a service in favor of common flourishing?

• Does teleworking promote happiness?
• Individual work and teamwork: how to achieve a balance?
• To what extent does vocation and professional enthusiasm condition our happiness?
• Should the company be concerned about the happiness of its employees?
• Does happiness motivate entrepreneurship?

• How does happiness appear in advertising and marketing?
• How is it communicated? Can one use social networks with temperance?
• How do we talk about happiness in language?
• Famous people look happy: are they really so?
• Does technology make us happy?

• How do literature, painting, film, etc. depict happiness?
• What music, art, painting, etc., makes us happiest?
• Why does everyone have his or her own style of film?
• Is the happiness that is usually shown in the arts in accordance with reality?

• What are the elements of an authentic home?
• Neuro-architecture: how does the layout, beauty and color of cities influence citizens' lives?
• Urban life: does it promote happiness and do smart cities contribute to it?
• Do smart cities contribute to it?

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