O quam luces Roma!!!

"Oh, how you shine, Rome! How you shine from here, with a splendid panorama, with so many wonderful monuments of antiquity. But your noblest and purest jewel is the Vicar of Christ, of whom you glory as a unique city".

This quote from Saint Josemaría Escrivá expresses very well the great love that the founder of Opus Dei had for the city of Rome, which he knew in detail. But above all it reflects the great affection he had for the Roman Pontiff, the most precious jewel of a city brimming with art and history. It is natural, therefore, that St. Josemaría encouraged people to come to know the city to make, above all, the "pilgrimage" videre Petrum and thus widen the heart, making it more universal, Catholic.


The Pope and Univ


Coming to Rome?

If you come to the Univ, this page will interest you. You will find the Univ guide, information on public transport in Rome, brochures for the liturgical ceremonies of the Easter Triduum, Pope's reflections on Lent and Holy Week and much more.

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