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Case Competition

UNIV-IESE Case Competition

The Univ Forum, since its inception, has looked upon work as one of its main topics of interest; work, as a means of growth and personal fulfillment, but most specially as a means to help others and society through one’s own contribution. In line with this, the UnivForum - IESE Case Competition, is devoted to dealing with business cases and other professional ethics cases. By working in a collaborative and inter-disciplinary manner, one learns to pay close attention to how the work environment evolves, and to the corresponding challenges that go with it.

The Case Competition is a team activity which follows the format of the HBS-IESE business case. The problem which the participants are presented leads them to take on a global outlook and to act strategically in order to produce a competitive solution. The solution has to combine profitability, competitiveness, marketing and real entertainment with ethics and happiness.

The case is delivered the afternoon before the competition. After an initial explanation of the technical aspects, the participants work in teams in order to analyze the problem and propose a solution. Each team will present his conclusions using the Powerpoint format (or an alternative format) before a panel of judges.

The key success factors in this activity are team motivation, creativity and reasoning and logic, behind the recommended solution.

How to participate?

Read carefully the rules of participation and then register using our online form.


+ INFO: univforumcasecomp@gmail.com