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University Debate Competition

Dialogue space

The UNIV Forum International Debate Tournament (UFIDT) is a one-day debate championship based on the model of the UNAV Law School competition debate created by Dikaios (the Faculty’s Debate Club).

The aim of UFIDT is twofold: fostering the communication abilities of its participants and opening an enriching space of dialogue in controversial issues.

The tournament will take place in the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross headquarters (Palazzo di Sant’Apollinare) on Tuesday the 16th of April from 11:15 to 13:15.

The judge or panel of judges will consider, among others, the following criteria and will punctuate according to the Performance Evaluation Chart (available online):

A) Previous preparation: reports, authorities, case-law, news and sources cited.

B) Logic: order and clarity, coherence, response to the opponents’ reasons and arguments soundness.

C) Rhetoric: correction, manners, voice modulation, attention grasp...

D) Empathy and conviction showed.

E) Timing observance.

F) Team members balance.

Check out these charts

How to participate?

Read carefully the rules of participation and then register using our online form.


+ INFO: info.en@univforum.org